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1. Choose items

- Look at the catalog and select the items we produce.
- Each item has a description and several photos. A closer look at the details can be done by moving the mouse to the photo or opening the photo in larger size by clicking on it with the mouse.

- The catalog contains both ready-made goods and goods that will be made to your order (these items indicate how many days they will be made).

- For some items, you can choose only one size, which indicates that the item is unique and has only one copy. In turn, there are several possible sizes for other goods.
- Select a size and add the item by pressing the Insert button in the CART.
- When you look at the catalog, you can go to MY GROUND at the left of the page at any time to see which items you have chosen and to continue to look at the catalog.
2. Shopping Cart

- When the selection is complete, head to MY BOOK on the left side of the page to view, edit and complete your purchase.
- If you want to opt out of any item, click REMOVE (X).
- If you have all the items you want in your shopping cart, click BUY.

1. If you have filled in all the contact information fields and have read the conditions, press the BUY button.
2. By clicking on the BUY button, we will receive your order as well as an invoice will be sent to the specified e-mail address.
3. The invoice will be listed on our property.
4. Invoice payment term is 3 days.
5. The product is delivered after receipt of the invoice.

Delivery costs are not included in the price.
3. Payment with VISA or MasterCard payment cards
By choosing this form of payment, you will be able to pay with the payment card in the PayPal system. To do this you need:
- Make an order with PayPal;
- agree to the terms of use;
- When you reach the payment step, you need to fill in all fields where you need to provide your card details. Card data and payment processing is done by PayPal.
-If the payment has been made, a corresponding message will appear and a notification will be sent by e-mail.

Thank you for choosing to shop with us!